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Rocket Science is for Everyone!

    Welcome to my site; my name is Bob Doran, and just like you, my passion is High Powered Experimental Rocketry. I began this website at the age of 19 while attending Penn State University, majoring in the field of Electro-Mechanical Engineering. I have now finished up my degree and am currently working full time as a Mechanical Engineer. Rocketry was always my hobby, since I was seven or so. Since then I have invested alot into this hobby, buying a metal lathe, milling machine, welders, grinders, saws, more epoxy that imaginable, etc. This is by no means an inexpensive hobby, so if you are getting started into it make sure you keep that in mind, because as soon as you launch your first rocket, you will never be able to stop. I, like many other rocketeers, prefer to build every part of my rockets, which includes the motors, in my opinion the most challenging and fun part to build. I have spent many hours reading through & admiring James Yawn's, and Richard Nakka's websites, both of which are an excellent wealth of rocketry knowledge.

This site also covers some of my other hobbies, noteable electronics and chemistry.

Right now Im still working on this site, trying to get all the pages made and alot of pictures. Last Updated: 1/5/16

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Constructing Motors

            Proven Propellants:
             Experimental Propellants (Unproven):
Rockets: Chemistry:   I recently began a new hobby; collecting elements.  Of course with such a hobby comes alot of chemistry. Especially due to the fact that whatever elements I can isolate by myself, I will. I believe it is much more fulfilling and educational to isolate an element yourself than just purchase it from some online retailer in a little vial or ampoule. Here is how I built my periodic table wall display: Building the Periodic Table

Of course in addition to isolating elements there are many other interesting experiments, so anything else that I document will be added under the general chemistry section.

    Isolating Elements:
    General Chemistry Experiments:

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