500' Range Remote Electronic Igniter


    When testing rockets, rocket engines, or initiating hazardous reactions distance from said event can be a very important factor for your safety. For such purposes a remote initiation device is required, and although one could perhaps use a very long double stranded wire, it is rather unwieldy to do so.

    This is a great little device, which simply operates off  a 9 volt battery and can fire off 2 cues from a good distance (I have had it work from over the 500' mark). It also has a continuity tester which has come in handy many times. Although I wish the system had a bit more juice to fire off the e-matches a bit more reliably, its nothing that a simple relay box wont fix so that I can really dump some juice into any e-match. The performance of it is great, as long as low voltage e-matches are being used. Since i make my own e-matches, or electric igniters, I just use some very thin Nichrome wire, dip them in pyrogen, and they work flawlessly every time.

Burke Millrite Milling Machine                                                           Remote Ignition System

     This unit was purchased from PyroDirect.com for only about $30 at the time, now I believe it costs a bit more, around $40 or so, but it is well worth the money. You could however make one for only a few bucks using the wireless relays you can for dirt cheap all over Amazon. The wiring is exceptionally easy, and they are very inuitive systems. See below for a link to purchase such a relay: