1998 Lamborghini Diablo

    Having always been a huge fan of all things that go fast, I have always had a love for sports cars, and naturally Lamborghini's were on the top of my list. When I found out my neighbor was getting a red 1998 Lamborghini Diablo, I just about passed out. Before seeing his Lamborghini, I had only seen two of them in my life before, and that was in Boca Raton. After seeing his car, and helping unload it off of his trailer, I was in complete awe of what a beautiful machine this truly was. Every aspect of the car was as perfect as imaginable. The rear of the car is the coolest looking thing I have ever seen; the intricate details involved in the production of this car  were obviously immense. Then he started it up; I  wanted to cry. It was one of the most amazing sounds I have heard in my life. The level of sound produced by the car was perfect; not too loud and flashy, but you know when you hear it that it is telling you: "Try; and I'll smoke your ass, FAST".  After being offered a ride in the car a few days latter, I eagerly accepted, having always dreamt of getting to ride in a Lambo. A few minutes later I could hear the car turn on, with that beautiful low pitch purr. After pulling up, I took some pictures of the car. A special thanks goes out to Mancini Motors, of Jeffersonville PA for giving me a ride in this Lamborghini. Click for large images

1998 Lamborghini Diablo Front Side View

Above is the view from the front right of the car. Wow, is that a sweet ride or what!?!?

         Lamborghini doors. Amazing. Front left view.     

     Here is a view thats somewhat difficult to ever forget, the Lamborghini doors. A masterpiece of engineering   in themselves. They are very easy to open and close, thanks to the hydraulics that make the doors feel like they weigh next to nothing.

                                                  Side view of the Lambo Diablo

Above is me trying not to smile my ass off and remain calm and collected, while knowing there is a Lamborghini Diablo parked a few inches behind me; this is a difficult task to perform when you are still in shock that such a nice car is really out there.

Rear Vside view ot the Lamborghini Diablo

    Above is one of the coolest views you could ever see of any car. This car is just stunning, the geometry in the car is just incredible. The Diablo is a real work of art; Not to mention this canvas has a V12 sitting in it.

                Rear view of the Lamborghini Diablo
    A rear view of the 1998 Lamborghini Diablo. Now what would you think if you were at a red light with this in front of you?!?!

           Front Left view of Diablo

     Here is a shot of me before takeoff, and the term takeoff in this car is no exaggeration, it rips off the line like a rocket. As you can see, I have one hell of a shit faced grin on, knowing full well im about to get the ride of my life. The acceleration in this dream machine is so incredible, and alot of G-forces are pulled, I had trouble moving my face forward from the seat at times. Shifting was flawless, each gear change sent you deeper into the seat, with the scenery flying by.

Soon, the ride was over, but WOW, was it one hell of a ride. This is a car im adding to my "must get when im a millionaire" list. damn, id get two of them. By far, the Lamborghini Diablo is the nicest car I have ever had the luxury of laying my eyes on, let alone getting to ride in it.

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